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…but there is only one refuge city that even a proven and a condemned murderer like me could seek protection and was surprisingly adopted as a son of the high priest.

The Levi received no land, but they were assigned to live in many cities (Leviticus cities) scattered among the twelve tribes of Israel.

There were six refuge Leviticus cites located throughout the twelve tribes Israel: Kedesh, Shechem, and Hebron on the hill countries of the west of the Jordan River, and Bezer, Ramoth and Golan on the east (Joshua 20: 7-9). Each city was headed by a high priest and governed by many elders.

In case a killer (an Israel or a foreigner lived among them) committed a murder accidentally, could seek protection there in order to avoid the hand of the avenger of the victim’s blood relative. The refugee would not be released to the avenger until he was proofed guilty for having an intention of murdering his victim (Joshua 20:1-6).  There the refugee was well taken care of and he would be free to return home without fear of being killed by the avenger after the death of the high priest of that city

Cruelty and wicked is the nature of man

By nature man does not practice fairness. The law of retaliation eye for eye and tooth for tooth was not possible to carry out. We always want to inflict more harm to the guilty person; one classic example is recorded in Genesis 4:23-24 that Lamech, a son of Cain or the seventh generation from Adam, told his wives that He had killed a man for wounding him and a boy for striking him; if Cain is avenged seven-fold, and him Lamech seventy-seven-fold.

The Levi and his brother Simeon were cursed by Jacob their father because in their anger they killed the whole clan of Shechem by trickery because Shechem violated their sister Dina (Genesis 49:5-7, Genesis 34), but the Levi showed their integrity to God by killing all the immoral idol worshipers in the temple at the command of Moses; therefore, the curse by Jacob was reversed, and the Levis  were chosen to serve God and were provided by God through the tithes and offerings brought to the temple (tabernacle) by the Israel. The Levis were the priests, temple administrators, and in charge all the worship and the temple  work and activities (Exodus 32:25-29, Numbers 3:10-12).

Through a sermon, explained by a pastor, the cities of refuge were built on the hills highly visible to people, and there were road signs everywhere pointing the direction to the nearest refuge city.  The roads to the refuge cities were well kept, wide and clean. The gate of each of these cities was always open while all the gates of all other cities were closed especially at night for protection and keep strangers away.

Since the Levis were shown mercy they were more readily to show mercy, likewise, we Christian were forgiven by God and were chosen as sons and daughters to serve Him, we should be capable of showing mercy to the weary souls, and our church should be a highly visible and an easy to find refuge city where the wicked and tired could seek mercy, forgiveness and restoration through the teaching of God’s word.

Our enemies Satan and his demons are hunting our soul day and night since our birth; and what other easier way to escape their cruelty but run to Jesus Christ.  Jesus is willing to shelter us and won’t release us to our enemies even we are found guilty of all sins. Not only sheltering us, he defends us and forgives us all the time; He washes all our sins away with His precious; furthermore, He adopts us as His beloved children.

Jesus is the only High Priest and the only Son of God who paid a highest price to ransom for our sin with His life upon the cross so that all His believer will be free from eternal death.

Jesus is here and His arms are widely open for you and for me; so let’s run to Him now.


The author accepted the Lord since 1996. She likes to paint, read, design, travels, and gardening. Most of all, she enjoys observing God's creation.
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