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… Until cities lie waste without inhabitant, and houses…-Isaiah 6:11

My heart was heavy after I visited my old uncle two weeks ago. He still has a small open wound on his body where the puss comes out of his gall bladder. He staggers as he walks for not using the walker and the wheelchair. He cannot hear, but he refuses using his hearing aids. He can still see, but his vision is much dimmer than last year. I communicate with him through writing which he needs the magnifying glass to read. Considering his physical condition my message is usually less than twenty words at a time. Although he is suffering physically, but what I care the most is his salvation.

This dear old uncle refused to move to a different state to live with me because he has friends live near him; therefore, I fly to visit him every year and to remind him the salvation hope in Jesus.

How Long, Lord?

Sometimes I ask the Lord how long it will take this dear old man to be humble and receive His priceless gift. Whenever I talk about Jesus Christ his eyes seem closed, ears shut, and heart, obstinate, hears, but without understanding –Isaiah 6: 8.

The Lord Will Continue

No one knows about tomorrow; I might leave the world before he does. What if I am gone, who will tell him about the invitation from Christ, and how many more years or opportunities that God would still give him?

Hope in the Lord

The world will meet the final judgment of the Lord one of these days, but the word of the Lord comforts me that I must not give up even the situation looks bad, but to continue to write to him and to pray incessantly for him because our Lord does not want anyone to go to perdition; besides, I trust that our Lord is almighty and he has many marvelous ways to work in his stubborn heart.

Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God -Philippians 4:6.


The author accepted the Lord since 1996. She likes to paint, read, design, travels, and gardening. Most of all, she enjoys observing God's creation.
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